SERAPH! | xe/xem/xyr (they aux) | 18

I can't control your actions and these are my boundaries, if you do not respect them, I will probably block you.

Do Not Interact if you do not meet basic DNI criteria

you believe you need dysphoria to be trans, you police pronouns, or don't respect non she/her lesbians

you support the israeli government or are antisemetic in your criticisms of israel

you frequently post untagged nsfw

believe in/are a "non-traumagenic system"

You may not want to interact with me if:

you are triggered by the use of the word queer. I talk about radical queer theory and intersectional use of queer

you need obscure triggers tagged. I do my best but I have trouble remembering

I may not want to interact with you if:

you talk about LGBT discourse frequently. I genuinely can't keep up and feel most of it disregards peoples unique experiences, I try to avoid it when possible.

you post frequently about substances untagged, including marijuana. I'm sober and hearing about substances frequently/in detail makes me very uncomfortable.